Rights & Duties of an Individual in a Society

Much has been said about rights and duties of an individual in a society. An individual has both rights by birth, and duties to society. It is not enough for anybody to claim only his rights and ignore his duties. Claiming of rights must be a natural concomitant to performing certain duties.There is equilibrium in nature and the individual must balance his life and bring harmony between his rights & duties. If an individual does not do his duty, somebody else will have to do his work. because the cycle of life must go on and we can lift weight from one place only by throwing greater weight on another place , thereby disturbing the balance. The same logic applies to rights, somebody else will have any easy access to add to his own rights, and this again will be a precursor to a great disharmony in life, and that is how the process of exploitation of an individual by another individual is that he should learn to labour in striking a balance between rights and duties, one must however take care that duties should precede rights. An individual should be up and doing .He Should have a heart for everything. The greatest education of an individual is to wait if our educational institutions do not impart this code of education to the students, they need not give them any education at all.
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