Gardening & Planting Trees Importance for Human Nature

Trees and plants are one of the main reasons why we the Humans are alive on this earth. Trees provide us oxygen without which Human beings  survival on the earth planet is next to impossible. There are many  benefits of planting trees, such as absorbing harmful gases that pollute the environment,by providing food and gives us shelter shade in the hot summer days.
The main importance of planting trees is that it gives the human beings oxygen, and for without the presence of oxygen no survival of any living creature like Humans, Animals, Plants & Trees etc. is possible. The harmful gases grows & caused pollution due to carbon mono-oxide, sulphur dioxide, further more smoke emitted by vehicles, red Blocks Bhati and industries which is controlled and purified to a large extent by the presence of trees.
Trees also provide shelter to different kinds of flying and earth creatures such as birds & animals.  Trees make our planet worth living, and offer numerous benefits which cannot be think about that how importance is gardening and planting trees values in our life.
Trees are an essential part of the environment. The survival of human beings and other creature species is not possible without the existence of trees and plants in this nature.  The  cutting of trees is band/ restricted  by  many governments and they propagates to plant more and more trees, which is essential for human Nature.
The foremost & main reason of planting trees is that they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, they not only inhale & exhale gases but also absorb many harmful gases, as the need of oxygen in the environment is necessary for all human creatures.
Trees do not only inhale carbon dioxide, as they absorb many harmful gases from the environment which renders freshness to the atmosphere. By Gardening & Planting more trees would help in getting rid to a large extent of the polluted air.
Trees have ability to keep the environment cool, as it keeps away and reduce heat pressure in hot days. Trees are shelter home for flying as they build nests spider, monkeys etc. and many more species of animals. By Planting of trees they provide food for human beings,birds in shape of fruits as well as for Cows, Goats and many other herbivorous animals as they eat leaves.
All the humans have the courage for gardening in shape of planting trees in their houses by making a garden and nearby areas as now is the time to except the importance and takes the responsibility to contribute their part/role for this noble cause, as we all know the benefits by making a garden to plant trees for a better environment for the up coming generation.
Among the many benefits offered by trees,one is it to boost our health in various ways.Planting more trees is to look nature beautiful & it not only reduce air pollution but reduce noise and water pollution.It is essential to grow more and more trees to devoid pollution for healthier environment. Many fruit trees & plants have medicinal properties, from which many of leaves, fruits,are derived from these trees to prevent and uses for many illnesses treatment.
Urbanization has cut the people from their roots. People are seen engrossed in the modern day gadgets and are moving away from the nature. Growing rows of trees and building gardens at short distances in towns and cities which provides an easy place for the people to socialize. These also serve as a safe place for the kids to play and socialize. and this offers a chance to indulge in various recreational activities.
A good environment helps in Many of the social benefits by planting trees which are related to each other, Trees provides wood that is used for building many things such as furniture, houses and stationary. A place surrounded by trees offers a good environment to live.
The benefits of Gardening & planting trees are enormous and now It is time that we realize how important is planting for our human life as well as our social and economic well beings as we should takes the responsibility to plant trees whenever and wherever we can as to make our planet a better place to live.
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