Community & Welfare Family System

The Community is a group of people who organized and play their key roles to build up infrastructure/ development which works for the betterment of a country or formation of a society as per their abilities and potentials. We have seen nowadays a limited group of  people aligned them selves & resolve there issues like  financial , health, education etc.  as to become good and wealthy working  on community  basis by  ruling the world without having their own home land.Community and Welfare are two of the most significant institutions in the development and daily lives of individuals & Countries.Together they shape who we are,  with values, define what we consider to be normal and abnormal and teach us about what is possible and not possible. Our Welfare  and communities print  many inner maps that we carry to orient ourselves to the modern world.Although welfare and community are often studied independently, as they are related to one another. The viability of the welfare  as a social institution has always relied on the support of the local community  while vibrant communities are characterized by active and engaged welfare's. Communities are the context where welfare's prosper and flourish or flounder and fail. Practitioners, policy makers and researchers benefit by having a better understanding of the complex, dynamic relationship between welfare and community institutions.
Pakistan is best example  to set in about Agha Khan Community , Bohri Community, Parsi etc. In these communities Agha Khan Community is on Top by which they believe  this community systems  to supports their people technically and works for the betterment of those countries in which their community people live by virtue of well planned and organized system  as they designed their structure flawless. Community system is distinct from volunteering but it does not work always as it has personnel reasons may be realized including citizenship requirements. Members of the Community view themselves as a  family and rely on one another economically, socially, psychologically, and emotionally. Definition of community was a geographic and political entity but beyond that we let the research participants define what community meant to them, we review literature about welfare and community, considering the relationship between welfare and community, the importance of group membership and social identity, and relevant research about social welfare and community efficacy. The research methodology and results are briefly described leading to a discussion of what constitutes welfare and community integrity.Globally most the states assumed to be welfare states which usually works for the betterment of their people but some how their system is based on community basis.some important influences to run  in social welfare family cycle stage needs resources and history with the community family. This was a small sample of Welfare and Community with key informants commenting on their relationship to one, so any conclusions should be taken as speculative and may or may not be applicable to other communities and welfare system. The two constructs, welfare and community integrity, are linked by the premise that there is a reciprocal relationship between them in which the welfare family integrity contributes to community integrity and have nurture to support families.
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