About the Story of Insulin

Insulin is one of the body's hormones. It is a simple protein produced by the pancreas and it controls the amount of glucose in the blood. When the level of glucose in the blood rises above the normal level, insulin stimulates the Liver to remove glucose by storing it as the animal starch called glycogen. People with the most serious from of disease diabetes cannot produce insulin. instead they have to receive regular injections of insulin. For many years, before the 1980, this insulin came from the pancreases of cows & pigs. It was very slow and expensive to purify this insulin. Some patients were allergic to animal insulin & others did not like being injected with a substance that had come from a dead animal.
In recent years though,insulin has come from bacteria! since bacteria do not naturally produce or use insulin, it was necessary to insert the gene that produces human insulin into the genes of a normal E.coil bacterium.Once the gene was in place, the bacterial cells produced human insulin just like any other enzyme. By growing large quantities of the modified bacteria and then killing and opening them, the high-quality insulin could be extracted, purified and used very inexpensively.

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